“Do not fear the mud’s judgement.  Only those who do not prepare have reason to fear.”                                                                                                                             - CerebRun Proverb

A CerebRun Challenge is designed to unleash you from your stationery life.  No more sitting at a desk or slouching behind the wheel of a car.  A CerebRun Challenge will involve running, climbing, crawling, shouting, swimming, and most importantly, thinking.  But as much fun as sludging through this puzzle-bloated, mental mud run sounds, it is important that it is done safely.  Remember, this is a PHYSICAL CHALLENGE.  Adequate preparation and training are key components to ensure that CerebRunners achieve a great finish and continued success.

Physical Training

  • Begin a running routine – CerebRun will be 5-7 rough miles.  You will need to build up your endurance running, as well as your leg muscles.  Run regularly.
  • Strengthen upper body – The obstacles demand alot of upper body strength.  You will be climbing over walls, crawling through swallowing mud pits, and grappling with ropes.  Push-ups, dips, and pull-ups are a great way to increase upper body strength quickly.
  • Food consumption – Don’t attempt CerebRun on a full stomach.  Typically, you’ll want to give your body atleast 3 hours to digest a meal.  This will allow your muscles to soak up the extra nutrients that will help push you through the CerebRun Challenge.

You may not be a jock, which is why CerebRun is also built for you.  Because as in life, what you may be lacking in physical brawn, can be compensated with cognitive strength.

Mental Training

A CerebRun Challenge will be 5-7 miles of mental obstacles.  That’s a wide gap in distance, which is entirely dependent on how well you respond to our mental obstacles.

Additionally, we “24′ gurus, and regularly practice our “24″ skills.  Here’s a website that will help condition your cranial putty into “24″ master minds:    http://www.mathplayground.com/make_24.html

Take the CerebRunner trivia/logic preliminary to gauge how well you’ll test in a CerebRun Challenge.