What is a CerebRun?

CerebRun is the World’s First Mental Obstacle Course.  CerebRun recognizes that even non-traditional mud runs can be mundane and repetitive. To combat these boredom trails CerebRun has added another dimension, infusing puzzles and logic problems that will ultimately dictate the course’s difficulty, direction, length, and outcome.  Simply, because life’s not only physical.

Where did CerebRun come from?

CerebRun was spawned from the recognition that ordinary mud runs claim to challenge participants mentally, but never fully deliver. CerebRun promises to deliver obstacles that will test memory, logic, and problem solving skills while dishing out a generous dose of physical punishment.

How is CerebRun unlike any other mud run/obstacle course?

A CerebRun course has multiple routes to the finish line.  Each route is selected by the participant, determined by their ability to correctly solve puzzles and problems.  Successfully completing the problem directs you through an easier, shorter route with less physically demanding obstacles. The incorrect answer subjects you to the opposite, guiding you through a longer, grittier and more challenging route.

How do I become a CerebRunner?

By recognizing that life’s not just physical, that mental strength and aptitude are equally, if not more, important that physical brawn, and by accepting the CerebRun challenge.




Who can participate in a CerebRun Challenge?

Anyone who is 14 years or older, has paid the registration fee, and has signed the liability waiver.  Children between the ages of 14-17 must have a Parent/Guardian complete this document and bring it with them on event day: Kids registration form and waiver

What are the requirements to participate? 

Participants must be 14 years or older.  They must register online, as well as sign the liability waiver.

Where do I register?

To register simply visit the events page on Cerebrun.com.  We do not accept registration over the phone or email.

What comes with registration?

All participants (age 21 and older) receive a free beer (where available), a CerebRun Finisher’s t-shirt, and a CerebRun Booty Bag filled with great supplies.

How much is registration?

 Depending on when you sign up, registration can cost as little as $50 to as much as $90.

Will a CerebRun Challenge be coming near me?

We want the CerebRun Challenge to be everywhere.  If you don’t see an event near you send an email to contact@cerebrun.com. Let us know where you are located and that you are eager to attempt the CerebRun Challenge.

Do I need to pay the $10 insurance fee?

Yes.  The insurance coverage helps cover your butt in the rare case that your injury requires a hospital.

Do I have to sign the waiver?

Yes, everyone must sign the liability waiver in order to participate.  No exceptions.


Can I just spectate the CerebRun event?

Yes.  Spectators are welcome to come out and watch as participants slog through mud, solve puzzles, and get mental. Spectators are also invited to join the after event celebration.  It is $10 for all spectators, and you can sign up here or at the event.  Keep in mind that credit card machines are limited at the event.  

Spectators will receive FREE entry for our Turkey Hunt event.  The Turkey Hunt event is geared towards the family holiday season, and we want everyone to enjoy the action.

What do I get as a spectator?

Spectators get access to specific obstacles, as well as access to the after event celebration area. They can enjoy the same vending, entertainment, and sponsorship promotions as the CerebRunners.

Discounts and Pricing

Can I get a discount? 

Discounts can be applied for team registration.  All teams that register 5 or more CerebRunners are entitled to $5 off per participant.  30 days after the event, email team@cerebrun.com, requesting you discount, and we will promptly honor the request. 

What’s the cost to participate?

Depending on when you sign up, participation can be as little as $50 for early registrants, to as much as $90 for last minute registrants.

What’s the cost to spectate?

Spectators can gain access to spectator area and after-event celebration area for only $10.  Spectators can come out for FREE for our Thanksgiving Challenge, The Turkey Hunt.  Kids under 12 can enter for free.  Register here.  Credit card machines will be limited at event, so it is encouraged that you register your participation before the event.


Refunds and Transfers

How do I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds.  All registrations are non-refundable. Rain or shine the event will go on. Weather elements only add to the fun.

How can I transfer my registration to another person?

If you would like to transfer your registration to another person simply send us an email at contact@cerebrun.com with your name, confirmation number, and we will send instructions for transferring your registration. Cutoff for transferring registration is two weeks prior to the event.



Who is Action for Healthy Kids?

Action For Healthy Kids is CerebRun’s beneficiary. CerebRun supports healthy and active life styles for children, and recognize that a child’s academic performance can be influenced from their physical health.  CerebRun encourages all CerebRunners to make a charitable donation to Action For Healthy Kids.  And on top of each donation, CerebRun will match each donation with a $5 in-house donation.


Preparing for CerebRun

How should I prepare to a CerebRun challenge?

CerebRun is a physical challenge.  Start running, do push-ups and body squats, and take the CerebRun Preliminary Mental Test.  This will give you a good idea of what kind of puzzles and equations to expect on race day, as well as how physically demanding your CerebRun Challenge will be.

Is CerebRun more mental or physical?

This is dependent on the CerebRunner.  A CerebRunner can rush through the course without considering the problems, but it is likely that that participant will make the course harder than it has to be.  CerebRun wants to reward individuals who recognize that life’s not only physical, by offering them easier routes with the successful completion of a puzzle or problem.

Am I too dumb to participate in a CerebRun challenge?

There’s only one way to find out…


Event Day

So what should I expect during event day?

Participants should show up at least an hour before their registered heat wave.  The course takes about 1-2 hours to complete.  Once the course is finished, the after event-celebration can commence.

What should I bring?

The only thing we recommend are running sneakers. Keep an eye on the weather and judge for yourself.

Where do I go?

Directions for the event are included in the confirmation email.  Once you arrive to the location, there will be signs that clearly mark where you need to be.


Start and Finish Times

Where can I check my CerebRun times?

CerebRun events do not offer timing.  The CerebRun Challenges are geared towards team building, and realize that individual times can have a negative effect on the team.  We do however have clocks at the starting line and finishing line for individuals interesting in assessing their course time.



How do I get a hold of you guys if I have more questions?

Send us an email at contact@cerebrun.com. We will reply within 24-48 hours.